Mercedes AMG A 45S – 5-door compact with a provocative design and over 400 HP engine

The family of the Mercedes A-Class in the AMG edition has already become a cult product. The prototype of the “small” hellishly strong Mercedes is the A 45S.

Mercedes AMG A 45S is the equivalent of the spiciest pizza you can imagine. Is there anyone who does not like it? I don’t think so! But not everyone expects it to be so spicy.

The same is true of the A-Class topped off from Affalterbach. Do not be fooled by the similarity to the standard version of this Mercedes. Everything is “more” here, and at times it is beyond the breaking point.

421 HP thrown on all four wheels is a guarantee of emotions. The first “hundred” in less than 4 seconds, the top speed is well over 200 km/h.

Looking for driving comfort? Not this time! Although it is a Mercedes, it meets sports expectations, so expect noise and overloads.

The bucket seats wrap the driver and passenger tightly, and the canary yellow color will not let you go unnoticed!

In addition, the RCP Exhaust sports exhaust system will provide you with a remarkable acoustic experience.

Price list

Day 24h 250€

Weekend 48h 790€

Weekend 72h 1090€

Week 7D 1490€

+1 week contact

Deposit 5000€

Mileage per day included 250km

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